One programmatic integration, multiple supply sources.

One programmatic integration, multiple supply sources.

Multiple Sources. Data Driven Monetization.

Accelerate your time to market with zero queue time and extend your reach with unique inventory all while reducing costs.

View information on our direct publisher inventory

Supply Source transparently identified in the request to ensure from where a request is coming.

Publisher ID’s and names are not mangled and will be received by the demand partner exactly as we receive them.

No additional infrastructure fees or accessibility fees assessed at the end of month; what you spend is what you pay.

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51 Degrees for device lookups and User Agent validation.

Historical Viewability information baked into requests from known placements.

Response formatting done by our proprietary software to ensure that responses are properly formatted for the upstream suppliers.

Actionable historical data such as time-on-site as well as integrated inventory data.  

Digital Element, an MRC accredited IP data source, provides carrier data, IP information and hyper-local data such as region, city, postal code, DMA, and lat-long. This information is notoriously valuable to advertisers in order to make insight-driven, smart, decisions.

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Settings page allows demand partners granular control over incoming supply by GEO, SSP, MW vs In-App, Publisher and Domain filtering, and other controls.

Inventory Explorer that allows demand partners to see availability for different segments of traffic, as well as an observed average CPM.

Real-time reporting with up to the second spend data and performance information.

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Brand safe premium publishers from diverse sources.  

Gain actionable insights for your advertisers with fully enriched requests.

Fraud filtered inventory to ensure any fraudulent traffic is blocked before it reaches your advertisers.

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On top of all of this derived value, our partners receive all future updates to the platform at no additional cost.

We believe that feedback from our current and prospective clients is key in making a platform that everyone loves, so see what we have cookin’ in the pipeline. Also, please let us know what we can do better!

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Self-Serve Dashboard

Easily select supply sources, audience targeting, volume requests, and view robust spend reports. Our cutting-edge platform also handles granular request throttling automatically.

Supply Sources

Pick and choose from a selection of SSPs and SmartRTBs own direct publishers.


Only receive volume of requests that are actively being bid on and control QPS.


Target by GEO, OS, Ad Format (banner, native, video), mobile web or in-app traffic.


View reports on overall spend as well as total spend within a specific supply partners inventory.


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