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Welcome to the New Smart RTB

Welcome to Smart RTB’s new blog and website. We are excited for the continued evolution of the company and will continue to work hard to ensure the best experience possible. At the start of 2017, we found ourselves growing as a company with a new office location in Downtown Tulsa, and now the new look of our site. We appreciate your patience during this time of growth for Smart RTB as we continue to update and make needed changes. Smart RTB started¬†in 2014 by Evan Maczura and Aaloan Miftah when they combined their experience in software development, mobile marketing, and high-performance enterprise-grade software. They set out to create a platform that provided all forms of advertisers the ability to leverage data available to them that other platforms don’t due to software limitations. They studied the world of programmatic and considered what they would want from a mobile-focused DSP. A platform that enables users to target by multiple fields in order to fully “unlock” the value of the data they have.

Since then, Smart RTB has grown and created a propriety platform that runs on a logic-based rules engine allowing for industry-leading optimization. We continue to push to the forefront of technology, viewability measurements, and actionable fields. The platform gives you the ability to drill down into data deeper than any other mobile DSP platform available, as well as allowing you to create rules with exact valuation utilizing this specific data. You no longer have to lose significant audience segments due to only being able to blacklist or whitelist. We take a “performance first” approach, that is, we treat all campaigns as having some performance-based KPI, whether it be CPI or viewability of high-value audience segments. We give you the option to bid the amount that is most valuable for your campaign on highly targeted users based on the KPIs that are most important to your campaign. As we continue to advance the technology, we will publish reports on multiple aspects of the platform that will not only help with understanding the technology but the industry as a whole as well.

The desire to create the best possible mobile DSP platform for our client drives everything we do at Smart RTB. With that in mind, we make ourselves available around the clock to put in place attributes that are important. We’ve created everything in-house and our whiz dev team can quickly make changes to better the platform. Learn more about the platform here.

We promise to grow our platform and it’s abilities. This is why we’ve given the website this overhaul. We want our users to be able to fully utilize the platform with ease and enjoyment. Part of that includes the creation of this blog. We want this to serve as a channel of communication for everything Smart RTB does. Continue to check back here for company updates, instructional information, industry insights, case studies, and community input.

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please reach out to us at [email protected]