Supported Macros

${} - Publisher ID
${} - Publisher Name
${pub.domain} - Publisher Domain
${} - App/Site ID
${} - App/Site Name
${med.domain} - App/Site Domain
${} - Store URL for Apps, Page URL for Sites
${med.bundle} - App Bundle
${dev.conn} - Device Connection Type (ETHER, WIFI, 
              CELL, CELL2G, CELL3G, CELL4G)
${dev.type} - Device Type (PC, MOBILE, TV, TABLET, 
              PHONE, STB)
${} - Device Country (3-letter ISO 
                 country code)
${} - Device City
${dev.region} - Device Region
${dev.ids} - Comma separated list of all available 
             Device IDs
${} - First Available Device ID
${} - Advertiser Device ID 
               (i.e. googleadid), if present
${} - OS Device ID, if present
${} - Hardware Device ID, if present
${} - Network Device ID, if present
${dev.osv} - Device OS Version
${dev.os} - Device OS
${dev.ip} - Device IP String
${dev.model} - Device Model
${dev.make} - Device Make
${dev.carrier} - Device Carrier
${dev.browser} - Device Browser
${usr.freq} - User Frequency (# of times user has 
              been shown creative to for this 
${usr.sess} - User Session Depth
${} - User ID, if present
${} - Source Exchange of Impression
${} - Unique ID of Impression
Within your tag, you may also use ${ack.url}, which 
resolves to a click URL that you've created within 
your campaign ('Destination Link').
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