Frequently Asked Questions

About Smart RTB

What is RTB?

RTB is an acronym for real-time-bidding. In short, each available ad impression is auctioned off in real time to the highest bidder, receiving a real market valuation and allowing advertisers to minimize their ad spend.

What makes Smart RTB 'Smart'?

We built our platform to maximize the myriad of data points available in a mobile RTB platform. Our Smart Bidding Interface enables advertisers to create user defined targeting algortithms, yielding unbeatable ROI and a higher volume of quality users.

Why choose us?

Smart RTB is a premium self-serve advertising platform with the greatest number of customizable targeting options currently available. We offer proprietary multi-criteria targeting, Real Time Bidding format and arm you with the research tools required for success.

What targeting points are available?

Smart RTB is industry leading with the most targeting points, in addition to the ability to combine them to create targeting rules. Targeting includes advanced criteria such as frequency cap, session depth, even mobile carrier code for extreme precision. Reporting on these fields is also available so every mobile attribute is actionable. We are the only network in the world to offer these targeting criteria.

What ad inventory is available?

Mobile ad inventory is available in nearly every GEO, for all device platforms covering both app and web.
Ranging from feature phones, to Android phones, and tablets. Please see our campaign planner for further details.

Do you offer a mobile campaign planner?

Yes. 'Intel' as we call it, short for Intelligence, provides live inventory reports. These may be used to best match the campaign objective to certain publishers, os versions, etc.

Can we schedule a demo or training?

We offer in-depth demos of our self-serve platform as well as scheduled training for our business clients. Contact Us to schedule one today!


Is there a minimum deposit?

Yes. Our minimum deposit for self-serve is $100. Please keep in mind that for mobile campaigns, this is a very small amount of test data.

Are net terms available for large spend accounts?

Of course. Specific term depends on account history and credit references. Please contact your account rep to arrange.

What pricing format is offered?

As an RTB platform, we work purely on CPM. This is the more transparent pricing model. We do not offer CPA at this time. However, we can offer managed campaigns to meet CPA targets for clients who meet our minimum spend.


Do you offer managed campaigns?

For advertisers spending a consistent minimum of $1000 per day we offer managed services. Please Contact Us by email or phone for details.

What ad units do you support?

All text, banner, and ad tags are currently supported. This includes all common sizes from 320x50s to full-screen interstitial units.

Is retargeting supported?

Mobile retargeting is not yet available, however will be soon.

Do you support conversion pixels?

Yes. Your account includes a fully featured conversion reporting platform that accepts a S2S postback to track conversion and action events. You may also accurately track spend, revenue, and profit by entering conversion revenue values.

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