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Smart RTB was founded in 2014 when our co-founders Evan MacZura and Aaloan Miftah took their combined knowledge of software development, mobile marketing, and hyper intelligent programming and set out to build a cutting-edge platform that was intuitive and industry leading. That philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do here at Smart RTB. We continue to advance our platform in order for our users to have the best RTB experience possible. Our platform provides unique features to increase campaign optimization that go beyond industry standards. This provides solutions for issues advertisers don’t know they have by giving complete control over every aspect of the campaign in a way other platforms cannot. Our programmatic platform provides access to high quality mobile inventory across the globe through our industry partners. The platform enables leveraging of comprehensive user data by providing the ability to target highly specific audience segments based on the KPIs most important to the campaign.

The Team

  • Marvin Smith

    Founder & CEO

  • Claire Dickens

    Product Manager

  • Joseph Allen

    Marketing Director

From Oklahoma to the World

Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Smart RTB delivers smart mobile advertising to the whole world.

  • Tulsa, Oklahoma

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